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From growing up in Gairloch on the west coast we were always spoilt for choice when it came to fresh fish and seafood, you could literally head down to the harbour in the evenings and get the fresh produce straight off the fishing boats. In fact you could even watch the boat coming in across the loch to land. Back then there weren’t so many rules and regulations and the quotas were reasonable so there was always an abundance available but nowadays with all the new quotas, etc in place and the affect it has had on prices there aren’t as many boats landing locally which means that getting good fish and seafood when you’re eating out is more of a novelty and when you get awesome fish & chips somewhere it really is worth writing home about!


Below we have listed some of the best places so far that we have sampled great fish & chips at and the reasons why we rate them so highly:

  • Dores Inn, Loch Ness - Not only are the fish & chips amazing here but the view and location are second to none too…the staff here are very friendly too which always helps. The fish itself has a really crispy but light batter and the fish just flakes aways when you put your fork in and the chips are crispy on the outside but fluffy in the middle. The homemade tartare sauce is good too and it comes served with a lovely side salad.
  • Myrtle Bank, Gairloch – This hotel right down by the waters side in Gairloch is perfectly positioned to serve up awesome fish & chips, and they do! It is owned by the lovely Sean & Anita, the perfect hosts who also have a great team of staff working away. You can either enjoy fish & chips in the front lounge bar (great view), have a basket meal in the public bar (great value) or you can order it to takeaway too.
  • The Harbour Fish Bar Takeaway, Plockton – This tiny little takeaway hut completely surprised us and can possibly say that it may be the best takeaway fish & chips we have ever tried! The batter, the fish, the chips and even the mushy peas were all great and reasonably priced too. On a recent trip to Plockton we opted for this place over all the great restaurants on offer and were’t disappointed! Picnic tables outside are handy too.
  • Captain’s Galley Take Away, Scrabster – It was due to a recent business event that we stumbled upon this little restaurant and takeaway on Scrabster Harbour and were not disappointed! Again the fish was super fresh, the batter was very crispy, not greasy and the chips were delicious. The menu varies depending on the best catches of the day so battered langoustine tails and queenie scallops were also on offer that day, yum!
  • Kimberley Inn, Findhorn – This great little pub on Findhorn shorefront has tables out the front allowing you to soak up the atmosphere of the village whilst enjoying great fish & chips. The only slight criticism I would give to the fish & chips here is that it comes with no garnish, which is always nice when you are eating in and the fish was huge, almost too much which can be a bit daunting when you are trying to enjoy a meal.
  • The Chippy, Ullapool – If you ask anyone from the west where the best place to get fish & chips in Ullapool is they will probably say The ‘Seaforth’ Chippy and they would be right. The fish is very fresh and they serve up proper ‘chippy’ chips too. They do offer outside tables and chairs but as you are just up from the shorefront the best way to enjoy them is sitting on the sea wall admiring the view!

This list only just touches the surface of some of the great places around the Highlands where you can get yourself some tasty fish & chips. And I think that it’s not only the freshness of the fish but also the stunning surroundings that make sampling fish & chips in the Highlands so enjoyable.

Apologies in advance for the photos below…they are guaranteed to make you hungry and crave fish & chips!

Scrabster Fish & Chips

The picture above is of the yummy takeaway fish & chips available from Captain’s Galley in Scrabster. Crispy batter, chunky chips and we loved the addition of a fresh wedge of lemon too, nice touch!

Fish & Chips - Kimberley Inn

The photo above, taken outside the Kimberley Inn in Findhorn just shows how great yummy fish & chips, an iced cold drink, sunshine and a scenic backdrop can look…looks pretty appealing eh!?


At the moment we are anything but finished on our mission to find the Highlands Best Fish & Chips (although the competition so far will be tough to beat) so if you have got any recommendations on great restaurants/cafes/bars/takeaways to check out then please let us know…


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