Luxury on Skye at Kinloch Lodge

Last month at Snow HQ a significant birthday took place, my 30th but it was one of those birthdays/ages where I wasn’t sure whether to celebrate or cry! So rather go down the party route a suggestion from Snow Dad was to head over and spend an overnight at the luxurious Kinloch Lodge on the Isle of Skye…I didn’t have to be asked twice!

Having passed by the hotel entrance on a number of occasions on trips over on Skye and said the words “we must go there one day” almost every time, the reality of not only going there but also dining in their Michelin-starred restaurant, run by Marcello Tully and being able to sit back, relax and enjoy a few drinks with only a short walk to the bedroom sounded ideal.

One thing of course that we usually always have to consider when going away anywhere is “who will take Snow Dog Beau?” but in this instance it wasn’t a problem, Kinloch Lodge is dog-friendly and after a number of friendly emails back and forth with the team at Kinloch Lodge to get everything booked up and ensure that Snow Dog Beau had permission to come we were ready to hit the road, in the rain! Now living on the west coast you kind of get used to the fact that the weather isn’t always glorious and can be a bit unpredictable but gale force winds, hailstones and torrential downpours wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for my 30th Birthday but hey, ho, we weren’t going to let that stop us, the Kinloch Lodge has open log burning fires and a bar right?

Now for anyone who has spent time on the west coast you will know that the weather can change almost instantaneously and a quick stop at The Torridon for a champagne lunch enroute to Kinloch Lodge showed just that…our hour spent in the bay windows at the lounge at The Torridon enjoying fizz, warming soup and delicious sandwiches gave us the perfect vantage point to view the Torridon mountains, loch and Highland Coo’s being bathed in rain, cloud, hailstones, wind and even sunshine. All of which made for interesting lunchtime view, but one thing I will say though is when that sun did peak out, wow, just wow, absolutely stunning!

Champagne Dahling! View from The Torridon Soup at The Torridon Highland Coo Shortbread Sunshine over the Torridons Outside The Torridon

So after a few photo and shop stops along the way we made it to the Kinloch Lodge around 3.30pm, just in time to watch the changing weather again, this time from the comforts of the bar lounge at the Kinloch with a glass of champagne in hand and a roaring fire to keep the cold at bay. And almost by pure chance, once again the clouds lifted, the rain stopped to the sun came out to unveil another stunning view, looking down sea-loch Na Dal.

View from Kinloch Lodge

With another glass of fizz down we were then shown to our room (well suite) by one of the super friendly bar guys. Our suite was located in the South house and was absolutely stunning. Huge bathroom, additional living room and a lovely bedroom. The suite had a fresh modern feel to it whilst still retaining some country charm. And of course more stunning views. And the South house itself, despite being a later addition to Kinloch Lodge had been very careful created to match in with the look and feel of the main house with lovely stonework, open logo burning fires, a rope led spiral staircase and lots of charm. So with a bottle of fizz on ice from friends I decided to take full advantage of a couple of hours chill time before getting ready for dinner.

Fizz at Kinloch Lodge Suite at Kinloch Lodge Snow Dog Beau in Lounge Suite at Kinloch Lodge South House at Kinloch Lodge Snow Dog Beau Checking Out the Beds

With a very contented Snow Dog Beau loving the surroundings of his new estate house (he is a so called hunting dog after all) we heading over to the main house for pre-dinner drinks in the drawing room, which featured another fab welcoming fireplace. So dinner, well what can I say, wow, wow, wow, from the canapés right through to the petit fours, the presentation, the flavours, the textures and even the atmosphere of the dining room was spot on. We opted for the standard dinner menu but added in an additional course of scallops from the tasting menu because it looked irresistible! Marcello and the team in the kitchen were very accommodating and did an amazing job. And that continued through to breakfast too, another well thought out menu and even accommodated Snow Dog Beau’s special breakfast request for a banana which he was delighted with when we returned to the room.

Canapés by the Fire Scallops with Pork Cheek Salmon, Banana & Curry Sauce Stunning Fish Main Course Creme Brûlée Dessert Petit Fours

So to round things up if you are looking for somewhere to visit to get away from it all, experience true luxury, be surrounded by stunning landscapes and dine in one of the most amazing restaurants then Kinloch Lodge is the place for you. Having stayed in luxury hotels around the world iv got to admit there is something pretty special about Kinloch Lodge and I couldn’t have imagined a better place to spend my 30th Birthday. And we enjoyed it so much that we are returning today to celebrate Snow Dads 70th Birthday, just had to be done!


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