The Mysterious Green Loch

It is said (as per the legend) that An Lochan Uaine (the Green Loch) in Glenmore Forest Park is green because the pixies used to wash their clothes in the loch but some think it might just be due to the trees lying along the loch floor, either way we think there is something special and pretty magical about this stunningly beautiful loch situated in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park.

The walk up to the loch (well maintained and marked) is pretty spectacular in itself with lots of knurled trees, shrubs and great views to keep you occupied. This route from Walk Highlands is just one of the options you could take. The basic return walk to the loch from Glenmore Lodge will take you around an hour but make sure you allow plenty of time for photo taking!

Over the years we have visited the Green Loch at different times of the year and each time it’s just as magical as the last and sometimes even more so. Below are a number of photo collages to let you know what you can possibly expect from the Green Loch at different times of the year…

February 2014:


January 2013:


June 2012:


February 2012:


    • FergusThom

      Great pics! You’ll have to check out the Uath Lochans too… one of my fave spots! :)

      • SnowMarketing

        Thanks Fergus, will need to add them to the to-do-list! :)


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